How to increase visibility using hashtags

We live in a digital world ruled by SEO strategies. In case you didn’t know, keywords are the queens and kings in this game. If you think that only by working in Social Media this won’t touch you, then you should probably think twice.

Hashtags are the way keywords approach your job on Social Media, and they shouldn’t be taken as random elements of the equation. By selecting the correct keywords and finding the perfect combination, you’re giving visibility to your brand and choosing the niches you want to approach. There are neither random nor impulsive thoughts when it comes to your Hashtags planning.  That´s why we want to show you the basics to increase your visibility by making a proper use of these words.

First of all, you need to know the field. There are different Hashtags types, but  you can separate them into two big groups: those for search affinity, and brand hashtags. Once you know this fact, it is easy for you to create the right recipe and recognize when to use it.

Search Related Hashtags

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You can find them by making a research on internal browsers, or by using several tools to measure the affinity of trending words with your brand, how powerful they are, where they’re used and what kind of people prefer them.

However, you need to be careful, not every popular Hashtag might be accurate for your brand. For example, top Hashtag of 2016 was #Love, and most of magnet words such as #Beautiful and #Fun are very popular too. But, if your content doesn’t have to do anything with #Love, then don’t use it for your brand’s sake.

People can quickly notice when all you want is a thousand likes no matter what, and they don’t appreciate it. Since we’re looking to increase your visibility, we need to do it the proper way, by using Hashtags connected to your product, target, location and so on.

Brand Hashtags

These Hashtags put the brand in a higher authenticity level. Many people may think these are the new slogans, but we prefer to say they’re a big part of brand’s culture. They respond to Segmentation, which is not only vital for Social Media purposes but the entire Marketing world.

You can use them to create a contest, launching a big campaign or promoting a trending event you’re hosting. When people search for that Hashtag, they will find specific content, and they can also use it for sharing theirs, this way you’re creating specific channels for your engaged users, and letting new ones know about your identity content.

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The Anatomy of Brand Hashtags

When you create a Brand Hashtag, keep in mind these few Elements:

  • Make it short but powerful
  • Add magnet words, like „love“ or whatever involves a positive Feeling.
  • Add brand’s name if possible or a related word.
  • Make sure you type every word correctly. Otherwise, people won’t find what they look for.
  • Repeat its use for several days or weeks. Unless it’s a contest or live event, then use it for limited time.

Example: If your brand’s name is Clean Skin, and it´s about skin products, you can try something like this:  #ILoveMyCleanSkin #CleanSkinFirst.


How many Hashtags should I use?

It´s a common question, but the answer is simple, not so much and not so little. Furthermore,  each Social Media platform has a limit you have to respect. Despite the limits, you should know that no more than five is okay. Otherwise, your content will be considered as spam, posted by a bot or a newbie.

Where they don´t work?

When you look closer, each platform has its own browser. In some cases, like Twitter, you don’t necessarily have to write the word next to a “#,” the browser recognizes the word immediately. So you only have to make sure to type a Hashtag when you want to make it a trending topic or participate in an established one.

Another particular case is Facebook Hashtags. By now, a majority would say they don’t work, or they’re not as functional as we believed they would be. In any case, we still find some brands that use it with different purposes as ornamental or to teach their audience where they can find accurate information.

What tools might be helpful?

From discovering what channels work best for your brand to find out the trending strategies you should use, you need to focus only on what’s functional, not what everyone says is better. To accomplish that, you have to try, essay, make mistakes and try again until you find the best tools and ways of doing things properly.  But, we want to point out two excellent tools you could use to start your experiment on Hashtags hunting.

Hashtagify : It’s a very exciting tool you can use to watch in real time all the trending hashtags on Twitter, who’s using it, what are they saying about, and a lot of other cool Features.

Keyhole : this Is for the ones who want to track their Hashtags. Keyhole is very friendly and will help you  track not only Hashtags but mentions, accounts, keywords and more.

Keep in mind all you learned today, and the first steps won’t be that difficult. Don’t try too hard,  the main key is to do a proper research and then, let the words flow. Also, let us know how helpful this article was and don’t hesitate on showing us your first Hashtag recipe.

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