Adding social media tools to newly opened major exhibition centerNew tools for Event-Promotion

Manezh is one of the oldest exhibition centers in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After a long period of reconstruction it had to be opened to the public not only as a renovated building but as a modern art space with a new Programme of cultural events.

By the time of the official opening, Manezh already had a social media presence: pages on Facebook, Vkontakte and Instagram, as well as some followers there. However, due to a low number of followers and little activity, it was decided to carry on promotional campaigns in social media channels.

Within 10 days we had to make a promotion of the reopening of the Central exhibition hall Manezh after the long lasting reconstruction. The aim of the advertising campaign was to increase awareness about the event.

After the opening of Manezh we continued our work for a month.


We divided our work into 3 directions: gaining followers, generating traffic to the “event page” on the website and creating an organic activity in communities.

Find target audience in social media

To get our target audience we’ve looked for people who are engaged in accounts of other art spaces of Saint-Petersburg. We searched not only for exhibition halls, but also museums, galleries, lofts and «where-to-go» pages.

Also we collected people who had made some actions in that communities: such as likes, reposts, comments. We used geo and age targeting.

Increase awareness

Gaining followers:

  • We run Page likes campaign on Facebook using pictures specially designed for the first exhibition and text messages with the information about the opening date and call to action «subscribe (or follow) to know all the news».
  • We used post promo format of advertising on VKontakte with the same content. 

Promotion of the website with detailed information about further events in Manezh

  • We run website clicks campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Initiate activity on the official page

  • We organized a draw of 5 invitations to exclusive opening ceremony on VKontakte. We announced a simple task: complete the sentence «New Manezh is…». All the participants had to repost our message and write their variants of a tail of the sentence on their own profile pages.
картинка для посева
  • nearly 100k unique users reached during 45 days of the campaign.
  • Almost 2000 new followers of public pages of Manezh on VKontakte and Facebook.
  • We reached audience with the Highest conversion rate into followers of 8%
  • 80 participants in an art contest.
  • Initiated conversation and further activities on official social media pages: people got interested in the event, started asking community manager about details, communicate with each other.
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