2LongLife – healthy start-up: SMM for new-born online media

2LongLife is an online-journal specialized in preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle. It is based on the website but also integrated in most popular social networks in Russia in order to be closer to readers interested in main topics of the Journal.

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The first problem to solve was to attract followers to new public pages on Facebook and VKontakte. Public pages contain links on each article published on the Website.

The advertising campaigns were planned to attract followers to communities of 2LongLife in social networks and to increase traffic on the website. We had half of the year to work on the project.

On Facebook

  • At the very beginning to attract followers we run Page likes campaigns gaining followers all round Russia and European countries.
  • For ads we used pictures associated with the concept of healthy lifestyle and text messages with the information about journal and call to action «subscribe (or follow) to know more about your health».
  • To get traffic on the website and to create activity in the Facebook community we made a promotion of separate articles; further we could invite engaged people (people who liked post or repost it) to follow 2LongLife. Invitations could be sent for free.
  • We made up segments of target audience by combining settings of interests: «Medicine» «Healthcare», «Nutrition», «Fitness and wellness», «Beauty». After getting several thousands of followers in Facebook community we had an opportunity to make up bases of lookalike audiences for Russia, Russian speaking people from European countries, USA and Canada.

On VKontakte

  • We’ve decided to look for the audience in other communities with content connected with medicine, healthy lifestyle, dieting, sport, fitness etc.. With the help of software we made segments of already engaged audience from competitive public pages.
  • Using post promo format of advertising we started to attract people.

Website traffic

  • Using Conversion pixel of Facebook and VKontakte we got a base of website visitors and could use it in each social network. On Facebook we made up lookalike audience and used it advertising campaigns to get more traffic.
  • We run website clicks campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Then we used “website conversions” setting. Change of setting helped to decrease the price of one visit on the website and increase a number of page views.

Within the first 6 months since the Project kick-off date:

  • Over 70 000 unique visitors on the Website from social media.
  • More than 45 000 followers in social media.
  • Promising outlook: number of website visitors and followers in social media is increasing steadily overtime.
  • Average cost per page like was decreased in half by the end of advertising period
  • Now 2LongLife is prosperous and developing media closely connected with its audience.
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