7 Tips On How To Promote Your Blog With Facebook Ads

How to promote your blog content in Facebook

When you have settled on Facebook as your preferred marketing medium, you cannot assume that all your fans are automatically accessing your content.  On placing your content on Facebook, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maximize traffic for your blog to achieve your goals.  Luckily, there are resources available to help you, and the biggest one yet is Facebook ads.  This article explores how you can use Facebook ads to promote your content.

1. Upgrade your marketing tactics

You need to focus your efforts on your content as opposed to Facebook.

  • Ensure that your content is consistent.
  • Shift your mindset: use Facebook as a Conduit to your content. Once your audience reaches your blog, you van then apply your lead capture tactics as an advanced determinant of your online marketing success.

Benefit: When you concentrate your efforts on your content, you will not only increase traffic to your blog but also your fan reach.

2. Spice up your content with ads

Facebook ads offer you an essential opportunity to promote your content directly to your target audience. This is because the ads enable you to practice targeted marketing.  You can direct your content to preferred demographics: gender, level el of education, economic status.


With Facebook ads, your marketing will be more targeted, your reach will increase, and you will promote your content more effortlessly.

3. Use video ads to draw attention

Take advantage of Facebook ad hooks and features for content creation. These tools will help you to upload native videos. These are videos that you upload directly to Facebook instead of sharing from an offsite like YouTube.  Research shows that use of native videos will give you a 30% to 200 % increase in reach and reactions to your content.


Native videos offer you an opportunity to draw an audience to a page voyeur choice. You attract more audience and bring more traffic to your audience.

4. Appropriate targeting

Facebook ads provide you with an opportunity for precise targeting. Do not be trapped into the illusion of ‘wider audience = to more engagement.‘ Be clear about the particular fans you are targeting, their qualities and interests.

Note: The more the width of your audience, the less the number of the clicks you will get. Research shows that more money spent per click ads that have lower relevance.


Highly targeted ads give you value for your money.

5. The ad copy

You must have a hook. The hook will make the audience to have an interest in your blog. Therefore, do not take the easy route of simply inviting the fans to look at your new blog. Take the time and give the audience a brief, captivating summary of your blog and place it in the text field of your Facebook ad.


The copy will give your fans a glimpse into the solutions that you have to offer and gives them confidence that your content is not a waste of their time and effort. You could also use other clinchers like an engaging question or a call to action.

6. Careful choice of images

The image that you settle for in your ad must be captivating to the audience. For instance, you should use colors that will pop out rather than dark colors. The image that you use in your ad must also be relevant to your blog content


A carefully considered image will not only receive more clicks but also result in more shares.

7. Use an enticing headline

After they have seen the image, the next thing that your audience will see is the headline. The headline will either motivate them to continue reading your content or make a decision to move on to something else that they find more interesting.

Benefits of using ads

  • Ads will help you to reach a brand new audience. For instance, you can set up your ads in such a way that then are accessed only by an audience who have not visited your site for the last six months.
  • You can create Buzz for your upcoming content. The ads will act as pre-launch content. Your unique launch content will generate interest in your audience even before you have rolled out your content.
  • Ads will give you a higher quality of leads. A well, crafted ad leads to higher conversions.
  • Facebook ads will give an opportunity to track the conversions. Adding pixels to your ads helps you to track both lead generation and purchases.

Valuable tips

  • When using Facebook ads, choose clicks to website instead of website conversions as you campaign objective
  • Ensure that your image passes the 20 % text rule.
  • Spend less money on existing fans and more money on an audience who are completely new to your business.
  • Watch the relevant metrics throughout the ad campaign:
  • The frequency metric: a metric that can help you to determine the frequency of your ad. For instance, to avoid oversaturating a new audience with your ads, the ideal maximum frequency is 2 -2.5. If it is your fans, a frequency of 3 will suffice.
  • To ensure you get more of your audience to see your ad once a day, choose the Daily Unique Reach under optimization and pricing.


Some marketers shy away from Facebook ads for fear of incurring added expenses. However, it is worth noting that the ads are inexpensive and the benefits far outweigh the expenses.