4 Things You Should Know About Messenger Bots


One thing in the digital world is a fact: “The eternal return,” which consists in a time concept where everything repeats in order to be created again. Therefore, it’s not weird to see how “old school” tools are back but presented in a new way. A perfect example is an e-mail, it was the favorite channel to communicate with others decades ago. It suddenly was displaced for other instruments. Nevertheless, the time made it reborn in the shape of E-mail Marketing. Same thing happened to instant messaging, once we thought it wouldn’t work out anymore, it appears again in a new awesome way.

To define what are the digital trends, is necessary a lot of studies and practices. In the end, every year we have a guide to understanding what’s in and what’s out. Thus, in 2017 Social Media Marketing Trends, we found that messaging apps are no longer third alternative but main strategies for our business. There’s a need for one-on-one communication between a brand and its users. It means an improvement in customer service and goal accomplishment.

1. Where do they come from?

What a person needs when communicates with a brand is fastness and understanding. Although those two characteristics may seem the opposite of each other, there are tools to make it accurate. One tool for an app like Facebook Messenger is called “Bots.” Messenger Bots were presented by Facebook at its famous event “F8” as an easy way to respond fast and efficiently to our user through chat.

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Messenger Bots

2. What is its purpose?

The better and simpler way to define Messenger Bots is describing them as a system that receives certain information from a user, interprets the message, and gives a proper answer according to what was asked. As it responds to its own name, it can’t have a fluid conversation like one with a friend. But, the primary goal is to give a fast and friendly answer as possible. Eventually, the final purpose is to provide information and help the users to complete certain tasks.

3. Why do you need them?

First of all, any tool that provides a solution that benefits both you and users is needed. We can count a lot of reasons why you need or should have Messenger Bots. Instead, we don’t want to overwhelm you and just let’s name three important ones.

  • They will be your best employees: Nobody can attend your users’ needs 24/7, but a Bot can. They will listen what your customer has to say, analyze it, and give a quick respond. They also invite people to move through your products and services, helping them to accomplish or finish the conversion on your website. So it’s a multifunctional employee.
  • Take engagement to another level: Although someone knows that is talking to a Bot, people enjoy the process because they think is fun. Like any other new experience, people are open to try the Bot and take them seriously as well. Besides, your Bot should represent your brand’s personality, meaning that users’ appreciation is another way of measuring engagement.
  • They can take information and feedback: Most users won’t trust in a person asking for their personal data. On the other hand, when a Bot is the one asking, they feel more secure to share it. They’re sure that the information is safe and they will have a real solution, which leads to the user to give positive feedback.

4. Where can you get it?

If you think that taking the first step will be complicated, we assure you, it’s not. Here are the best platforms for building your Bot. There’s no significant need of code or programming knowledge. These platforms are created for making your life easier.

Remember, there are no limits when it comes to Bots. In fact, it takes continuous improvement to create a great experience. Therefore, you don’t have to conform just to Messenger Bots. Take it to another level and find other platforms, like Telegram that also uses this tool. Create a whole strategy and let your users fall in love with your brand.